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See What Makes Our Team Special

See What Makes Our Team Special

Learn about our company's history

If you've been looking for a school bus transportation team with solid qualifications and years of experience, look no further than Majestic Bus Service Incorporated. For over three generations, we've been providing area schools with safe and reliable transportation services. Plus, many of our drivers have been with us for years, exhibiting loyalty and responsibility - some for upwards of 20 years. Needless to say, your students will be in capable, experienced hands with our drivers at the wheel.

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Here are the values that set us apart

As a group, bus drivers have developed a reputation for being cranky and impolite. We can assure you that your students will have a pleasant experience when they ride with us. We take pride in the job we do and only hire the best. Our drivers are dedicated to providing students with safe transportation and friendly service.

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Who are we?

We run a PUPIL TRANSPORTATION program dedicated to the Safest and most efficient Student transportation available. We're very proud of the jobs we do. Transporting children is so important, and we assume so much responsibility that we just won't settle for being second best. If you think about it...what other job puts that much responsibility (children's lives) in the care of one driver, with their back to the students, traveling down the road from 5 to 60 MPH, in a long tube, with traffic all around them and road conditions that most people wouldn't drive on in their car. When we look into that rear view mirror, we MUST know we have done everything right or we may be jeopardizing the lives of our babies, our neighbors, our friend's children, our future.

For these reasons, we refuse to compromise Safety. Our equipment, Drivers, Driver training, Student management, Staff training, Bus fleet preventative maintenance, and so on, are the absolute best you will find anywhere.

We are committed to providing the Safest most reliable transportation available. We meet and most of the time exceed all Federal, State, County, and District Laws, rules, policies and regulations to not only be legal and compliant, but because in this kind of business; doing just barely enough, is never good enough for our children.

We are a local Western Montana Company, working hard for our School districts and our communities. We hire only the best people to drive these kids, people who are focused on the care of Children for even a short time of the day. We are a company with strength from being big and diversified enough, yet we maintain our small business and small-town morals and ethics.

It is the policy of Majestic Bus Service that safe operations are an essential and paramount concern to all bus operations. Every attempt should be made to reduce the possibility of accidents and reduce the needless suffering and waste they represent.

Our procedures and operating rules therefore demand:

  1. Safety takes precedence over expediency or shortcuts.
  2. That all safety laws and regulations be complied with.
  3. Every employee be a part of the company safety effort through attitude and work habits.

We regard these guidelines as the best long-term means to protect the students, the public and the employees, and to ensure continuing efficient company operations.

We have an impeccable Safety record: For over 65 years of transporting students Please take a look at these impressive totals:

For the last 65 years:
Majestic Buses have traveled for over 23.5 million miles.
Majestic Buses have transported over 20 million Students.

We're very proud; this is about hard work that pays back in children's SAFETY.